Cleanup Challenge



Cleanup Challenge

Dedicate some time year round to the disposal of litter in our parks, streets, and waterways!

When you are outside recreating in or simply enjoying our local green spaces and neighborhoods, use the opportunity to collect and properly dispose of the trash in your path. Make sure to keep track of the quantity and type of litter you collect and submit the info to us using the form on this page so we can compile data that demonstrates the power of individual action for collective good. No contribution is too small – the example that is set by taking the time to collect even a single piece of litter can contribute to developing a region-wide ethic of stewardship and a shared sense of ownership of our beloved, outdoor spaces.

We welcome photos of you on the job or before and after shots of our communities and parks via email or Facebook to help inspire others! Reach out if you’d like guidance for where to target your cleanup efforts.

Please be sure to follow proper social distancing guidelines when recreating outside and wear protective gloves when handling/disposing of litter!

If you have questions or would like additional information about this campaign contact