Virtual Estuary Tour with Dr. Roy Larick

When: TBD

Virtual Estuary Tour

Join Doan Brook Watershed Partnership and Dr. Roy Larick of Bluestone Heights for a virtual tour of several Lake Erie estuaries.

Lake Erie’s surface level has risen naturally for several thousand years. As a result of this, small shoreline ravines have been inundated to form drowned valley estuaries. At these special places, lake and stream waters mix and local ecology is diversified. Most small estuaries on Lake Erie’s shoreline have been filled in but two survive in Bratenahl: those of Dugway and Nine Mile creeks. This video tour will explore estuarine Bratenahl and discuss ways to conserve these unique ecosystems. It will also highlight the proposed Gordon Park site for restoring estuarine ecology on Doan Brook.

We hope to host a live, online watch party to debut the estuary video followed immediately by a Q&A session. We are still working out the details and timing for this so please stay tuned! If you would like to be informed as soon as we have a date/time and details to share please fill out the form on this page

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