July Storm Drain Stenciling Saturday

When: July 27th, 2019. 9:30am-12:30pm

Where: Lower Shaker Lake

Storm Drain Stenciling Saturday

The overwhelming majority of pollution in our local watersheds is from non-point sources, such as stormwater runoff. Pesticides and fertilizers applied to lawns, animal feces, road and sidewalk salt, motor oil and other vehicle discharges, and litter are carried by stormwater through storm drains and into our local streams and eventually Lake Erie. Stormwater runoff typically does not pass through the sanitary sewer system and therefore does not receive any kind of treatment before discharging into aquatic environments where it can cause harmful algal blooms and other ecosystem damage.

To educate the public about the connections between stormwater runoff and local watershed health, we are inviting volunteers to join us on July 27th in Cleveland Heights. We will meet at the Lower Lake dam (Brook Road on Google maps) at 9:30am for a quick demonstration and to distribute stenciling supplies before we head out in groups to stencil the message “Lake Erie Starts Here” next to residential storm drains. Volunteers will also distribute informational fliers to homes in the neighborhood that explain the stenciled message, include a map of the Doan Brook and Dugway Brook watersheds, and give household tips for how to help prevent pollution from entering local watersheds. This event is free to attend and all material and training is provided beforehand. Individuals, families, and organizations such as scouts, school or church groups, neighborhood associations, and service clubs are welcome to sign up.

For additional information contact Andrew at 216-325-7781 ext. 6783 or klooster@doanbrookpartnership.org


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