Field Guide – Fish

Watershed Field Guide: Fish

Fish Location Key:
b = brook downstream from Lower Shaker Lake
u = brook upstream from Lower Shaker Lake
l = Lower Shaker Lake
h = Horseshoe Lake
p = lily pond
m = Marshall Lake
g = Green Lake

The data on fish found, or expected to be present in the Doan Brook watershed, is compiled from sources reported in 1968-1994. Your input on wildlife sitings and photographs are welcome. To contribute to the Doan Brook database, please contact us.

Bass, largemouth black Micropterus salmoides b l p
Bullhead, black Ictalurus melos b l p
Bullhead, brown Ictalurus nebulosus l p
Bullhead, yellow Ictalurus natalis b
Carp, common Minytrema melanops l
Catfish, channel Ictatalurus punctatus l
Chub, creek Semotilus atromaculatus b
Crappie, white Pomoxis annularis l
Dace, blacknose Rhinichthyes atratulus b
Dace, redbelly Phoxinus erythrogaster b
Dace, redside Clinostomus elongatus
Darter, fantail Etheostoma f. flabellare b
Darter, Johnny Etheostoma n. nigrum b
Darter, rainbow Etheostoma caeruleum b
Goldfish Carassius auratus b u l p h
Minnow, bluntnose Pimephales notatus b l
Minnow, fathead Pimephales p. promelas b u l p h
Minnow, silverjaw Ericymba buccata b
Minnow, stoneroller Campostoma anomalum b
Mudminnow, central Umbra limi p
Pickerel, redfin Esox americanus vermiculuras l p
Silverside, brook Labidesthes sicculus b l
Shiner, central striped Notropis chrysocephalus b
Shiner, emerald Notropis atherinoides b
Shiner, golden Notemigonus crysoleueas b l p
Shiner, spotfin Notropis cornutus b l
Shiner, spottail Notropis hudsonius b
Stickleback, brook Cualea inconstanus p
Sucker, hog Hypentelium nigricans b
Sucker, spotted Minytrema melanops l
Sucker, white Catostomus c. commersoni b l
Sunfish, bluegill Lepomis m. macrochirus b l p
Sunfish, green Lepomis cyanellus b u l p h
Sunfish, pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus b l p
Sunfish, warmouth Lepomis gulosus l p