Friends of Lower Lake

Friends of Lower Lake is a volunteer program of the nonprofit Doan Brook Watershed Partnership in Cleveland, Ohio.

Restore & Preserve

The mission of the Friends of Lower Lake is to restore and preserve native plants and wildlife at Lower Lake park and the surrounding Doan Brook Watershed.

Meet with the Community

We convene, educate, inspire, and collaborate with our community in the shared belief that all benefit from an ecologically healthy native habitat in our cities. We honor the past and improve the present while creating a better future for our community in balance with nature.

Regular Work Sessions

We work Sunday mornings 10am to noon, weather permitting, to:

  • Remove invasive species
  • Plant native species
  • Maintain pathways and manage water drainage
  • Create prototype native plant gardens

Friends of Lower Lake also

  • Collaborates with local nonprofits, governments, and regulatory agencies
  • Presents free educational talks by local experts
  • Participates in meetings held by partnering stakeholders
  • Disseminates information via newsletters, Facebook, articles, and conservations
  • Raises funds through grants and individuals for the program

For information about volunteering please email