Prepared and written over five years, the 155 page Doan Brook Watershed Action Plan received state approval from the Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Natural Resources in 2013.

This comprehensive document identifies and itemizes areas of concern and impairments to water quality within our watershed, prioritizes restoration and protection goals, and lists potential actions to guide future conservation of our valuable natural resource. Download the entire document in low-resolution format here.

From 2017-2019, the Doan Brook Frontal Lake Erie NPS-IS was prepared and written in collaboration with Bluestone Heights and Chagrin River Watershed Partners. This document covers many of the same subjects as the Watershed Action Plan but focuses on non-point source pollution and includes all of the watersheds in the local Hydrological Unit Code (Doan, Dugway, Shaw, Nine Mile). Download the Doan Brook Frontal Lake Erie NPS-IS here.

The Land Management and Land Use Plan for the Shaker Lakes Parklands is a living document that presents recommendations and guidelines for sound land use and management of the Shaker Lakes Parklands. It is intended to restore and maintain the environmental quality of the area by encouraging ongoing cooperation and communication among the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership, the Nature Center of Shaker Lakes, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District and the Cities of Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, and Shaker Heights. Download the Land Management and Land Use Plan for the Shaker Lakes Parklands here.

Cover page of the Parklands Management Plan