Doan Brook Photography Hike

When: November 4, 2023 | 9am-12pm

Where: Lower Shaker Lake Bridge

The Doan Brook Photography Hike has been rescheduled. Please watch for details in Spring, 2024.


Our annual Doan Brook photography hike gives aspiring photographers a chance to take in the autumnal beauty of the Doan Brook gorge and get in some practice with experienced, local photographer David Perelman-Hall. Be sure to bring your camera with a fully-charged battery, and ensure there is space on your card to capture new images.

Participants will meet on the Lower Shaker Lake bridge over the dam spillway, street parking is available on Brook Road. Bring hiking shoes you would trust to navigate mildly steep and treacherous conditions. After meeting everyone and having an introductory shoot, we will then move to the Roxboro parking lot, and explore the ravine on foot from there. Total time usually runs close to three hours.

While you do not need a camera to participate, be advised that this event is structured as an outdoor photography class/workshop and not a traditional hike. Fee is $20 per person.

For questions or additional information contact us at 216-325-7781 or

Register in Spring, 2024

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