Are Invasive Plants Attacking Your Property? with John Barber

When: January 19, 2021 at 7pm

These devilish, non-native plants can be relentless when growing on your property be it home or public land. Join Friends of Euclid Creek for our first January program “Removing Invasive Plants – a Primer for Yards, Parklands, and Watersheds in Northeast Ohio” by John Barber, Tuesday, January 19, 7:00 p.m. via Zoom.

John will present an illustrated talk on identifying, removing, and disposing of many of the most common species found all around us. Techniques, tips, and best practices will be covered. Why does the board game Clue apply so perfectly to removing invasive plants? The talk will also delve into native trees, shrubs, and flowering plants that can be used to replace invasive plants, providing food for insects and birds, increasing biodiversity, and restocking the seed bank with native species’ seeds. Since what we plant in our yards moves into parklands and watersheds, the ideas presented here will apply to all habitats. 

John Barber is co-leading the Friends of Lower Lake, a volunteer program of the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership, working to restore habitat around Lower Lake Park in the Shaker Parklands. He served on the board of the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes for ten years, including two terms as Board President. He now serves on the board of the Native Plant Trust. He is also a Certified Watershed Steward for the Cleveland Metroparks.

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John Barber wearing an orange baseball cap and black shirt with orange writing.

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