Mission and Vision

Our Vision

The Doan Brook Watershed Partnership (DBWP) celebrates the beauty and function of the Doan Brook watershed.

The culturally rich history that evolved along the Doan Brook demonstrates its important influence in shaping the character of our Northeast Ohio community. Because our watershed drains to the globally unique and valuable Lake Erie and St. Lawrence Seaway watersheds, the DBWP commits to protect and restore the Brook.

 As the region works to preserve the bio-diverse, freshwater resources of Lake Erie as an underpinning of regional revitalization, the DBWP will focus on restoring ecosystem services within the Doan Brook watershed to further local sustainability goals.

The DBWP encourages watershed activities which will celebrate and quantify the Brook’s critical role in culture, economics and individual well-being. It is hoped that DBWP activities will imbue people with a sense of place, connect them to our local hydrology, and inspire them towards stewardship of abundant, clean water.

The DBWP Mission

The mission of the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership is to:

  1. Facilitate and support conservation and restoration projects within the watershed –with an eye towards environmental justice — and document those efforts through a watershed information network.
  2. Dynamically increase public engagement and awareness of the watershed, and serve as a collective voice for the Doan Brook and its constituencies.
  3. Develop a solid organizational infrastructure in order to work toward all goals.