University Circle is the second largest center of employment in the City of Cleveland, with exciting plans for continued growth. As development takes place, which can impact the Doan Brook and our local watershed, the DBWP is working with partner organizations to address stormwater management. An example includes input to a redesign of the E. 105th/MLK Blvd traffic circle. With technical guidance from NEORSD’s Rachel Webb, the DBWP provided stormwater management concepts to the Cuyahoga County Department of Public Works. Project designers were receptive and included the following green infrastructure elements into the new intersection:

A stormwater swale will receive road runoff from the entire surface of MLK Blvd., between E. 105th and Jeptha Drive. The road curb will be flush with the swale to guide flow to the swale, which will be installed with a special filtering medium and water-loving plants to slow and purify runoff before excess water reaches the underdrain. Overall, the roadway’s impervious foot print will be reduced by .6 acres.

Though the stormwater swale will be one of the last elements of the redesign to be completed, the project will begin in 2012 with funding from the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County and the State of Ohio.

Goals of E. 105th Traffic Circle Redesign

  • Removal of the traffic circle, with improved safety and a less confusing roadway
  • Improved traffic flow
  • Improved pedestrian and bicycle facilities: A bike and pedestrian boardwalk path will be built between the MLK Jr. Drive/Jeptha Drive and E. 105th Street/Mount Sinai Drive intersections on the south side of the Cancer Survivor Monument. This will give access to the museums and Case Western Reserve University east of E. 105th Street.
  • Additional greenspace next to the VA Hospital and the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • Improved lighting
  • The 11 Liberty Row Pin Oak trees that are removed will be replanted and will get new plaques. Also, other Liberty Row Pin Oak trees within the project limits will be replanted if they have died and will get new plaques if their plaque is missing.
  • Repositioning of the monument to Slovenian General Stefanik to the new pedestrian walk on the north/east side of MLK Jr. Drive for better viewing.
  • No impact to the historic bridges on E. 105th Street and MLK Jr. Drive